Jade Lacy (she/her)

Managing Editor / Executive Poetry Editor

Jade Lacy is a third-year English major and Asian American studies minor at UCLA. Her interests include writing, publishing, comedy, and looking cool to others. She struggles to contain her writing to one medium. 


Katherine King (she/her)

Managing Editor / Executive Fiction Editor

Katherine is a third-year English major and history and professional writing double minor. On the weekends she works in a bookstore, bakes bread, and gossips with her houseplants.


Garrett Ewald (he/him)

Executive Fiction Editor

Garrett is a fourth-year English major at UCLA. He loves trying new restaurants, going on road trips with friends, and obsessing over every new dog he meets.


Austin Nguyen (he/him)

Executive Poetry Editor

Austin is a second-year English and psychology double major and ethnomusicology minor. He's been told his handwriting resembles "Greek" and "hieroglyphics"—thank the universe for the digital age.


Yusra Akhundzadah (she/her)

Executive Creative Nonfiction Editor

Yusra is a fourth-year English major and Education Studies minor at UCLA. She enjoys binging shows, snacking at odd hours of the night, and running her meme pages.


Kendall Moore (she/they)

Executive Art Editor

Kendall is a fourth-year English/Spanish double major and film minor who thinks art is pretty bitchin. She sleeps all day, parties all night, never grows old, never dies, and thinks it’s fun to be a vampire.


Nicole Felici (she/her)

Blog Editor

Nicole Felici is a first-year English major at UCLA. She enjoys reading and writing fiction, making overly specific Spotify playlists, and hanging out with the Powell cat.

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Jennifer Collier (she/her)

Design Editor

Jennifer Collier (she/her/hers) is a 3rd year Sociology major (potentially double minoring in Music Industry and Musicology). She has been designing Westwinds’ creative journals since Fall of 2021, and you can usually find her creating anything from music to crocheted blankets to lengthy poetry, and anything in between.