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Austin Nguyen (he/they)

Managing Editor

Austin Nguyen is a fourth-year English and psychology double major whose writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Electric Literature, Ploughshares, among other publications. He loves ignoring his emails and is busy trying to make his wardrobe gayer.


Sabrina Ellis (any pronouns)

Managing Editor

Sabrina Ellis is a third-year English major from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their interests include crocheting, collecting weird earrings, and watching two-hour long video essays about random topics.

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Eli Nachimson (they/them)

Outreach Director

Eli Nachimson is a third year English major and Digital Humanities Minor. They are a poetry reader at Adroit Journal, and their poems have been published in Eunoia Review, Polyphony Lit, The Poetry Society of the UK, and Up North Lit. In their free time, they like curating their Letterboxd, singing badly, and failing at watercolor paintings. 

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Lauren Kogelman (she/her)

Executive Poetry Editor

Lauren Kogelman (she/her) is a senior transfer student, theatre-enjoyer, and English major at UCLA. When she's not in class or angsting about What Comes After College, she likes to watch movies, listen to audiobooks, and play Taylor Swift albums on repeat, ideally while surrounded by cats and dogs.


Ilea Farrall (she/her)

Executive Poetry Editor

Ilea Farrall is a fourth-year English major from the Sacramento area. She loves thinking about art, drinking copious amounts of tea, and meeting new people. 


Ruby Yassen (she/her)

Executive Fiction Editor

Ruby Yassen is a fourth-year English major and Professional Writing minor at UCLA. She spends her free time listening to Taylor Swift, crocheting, reading (and rereading) Sally Rooney novels, and figuring out how she can live on a farm as soon as possible. 


Sydney Gaw (she/her)

Executive Fiction Editor

Sydney Gaw is a first-year English major and Creative Writing minor. Her writing has appeared in Girls' Life MagazineUSA Lacrosse Magazine, and UCLA's Daily Bruin. When she's not brainstorming outlandish character names or re-watching Dead Poets Society, she loves to draw, crochet, and go on walks with her cat, Hermione.

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Abi Royster (she/her)

Creative Nonfiction and Blog Editor

Abi Royster is a fourth-year English major with a creative writing concentration in poetry. Her work has been featured in Cul-de-Sac and Westwind literary magazines. In her 'free' time, she likes to post wildly unjustified goodreads reviews--because she is right. 


Jillian Cantu (she/her)

Art Editor

Jillian Cantu is a second year transfer/ senior year English Major with a History Minor. She loves to read and watch movies when she's not busy being funny, which is one funny thing about her.

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Maisy Green (she/her)

Design Editor

Maisy Green is a fourth-year anthropology major and gender studies minor writing her thesis on multi-gendered experiences working in the indie music industry. Her interests include Boygenius, bouldering, and people with septum rings.


Logan Shobe (he/him)

Social Chair

Logan Shobe is a first-year English major from the Central Valley. While writing is his first and foremost passion, his many other interests include: wine-tasting, clothes that smell like tobacco, and old, thrifted books. 

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